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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lulu Blossom Teams Up With Diverse Marketing

Press Release

Lulu Blossom and Diverse Marketing

For Immediate Release, August, 2013:

Chicago, IL, August 20, 2013:
We are pleased to announce that Lulu Blossom has signed with the sales and marketing group, Diverse Marketing! Rob Bates, Lulu Blossom’s sales manager, is expected to have the team up and running mid August – just in time for the holiday season in the gift industry.                   

Although Lulu Blossom will be the first product line of this kind sold by Diverse Marketing, we expect it to be a great partnership for both companies.

More Information is expected following sales meetings August 21, 2013
About Lulu Blossom: Lulu Blossom is a Chicago-based beauty and bath care line that specialized in all-natural vegan/vegetarian products committing themselves to producing American made goods. Lulu Blossom is currently sold in retail outlets all over the US and Canada. For more information please visit www.lulublossom.com

About Diverse Marketing: Diverse Marketing opened its doors in 1959 in the great state of Texas mostly selling toys. Diverse Marketing later merged with another sales group entering the gift industry to cover 34 states with four showrooms across the country selling books, gifts, toys, and trends. For more information please visit www.diversetoy.com

            To learn more about this partnership please contact:
      Racheal Kash, Media Relations
      7101 N  Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60626

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome - Covet Boutique & One Stop Beauty

Lulu is very excited to welcome some real California Girls to the retailer family!

Covet Boutique in San Francisco 

Covet Union
2042 Union St.
San Francisco, CA. 94123

One Stop Beauty Salon and Supply in Palm Desert

                                    73111 Country Club Dr B4  Palm Desert, CA 92260

                                     (760) 341-1910